Thursday, 29 October 2015

Disney Pumpkins 2015

Hi everyone!

For this weeks video I am carving Disney Pumpkins yey!! I really hope you enjoy the video. Pumpkins I make in this video are:-

Elsa Pumpkin
Jack and Sally Pumpkin (nightmare before christmas Pumpkin)
Anger Inside Out Pumpkin
Tinkerbell Pumpkin

I really hope you enjoy the video ^_^ Thank you for watching Xx

If you try out these pumpkin carving ideas please tag me on Instagram / twitter @allanahclaire :-D I'd love to see 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Cinderella's Shoe

Hello everyone!
For this weeks video I have decided to draw Cinderella's glass slipper from Disney's new 2015 version of Cinderella. I really enjoyed watching the movie - it's such a feel good film. I felt uplifted after I saw it, and I especially loved how the glass slipper looks in the film. I read up about the glass slipper online and Swarovski Crystal actually partnered with Disney to make the shoe. So I really hope you enjoy watching this weeks video. See you next week for a halloween special! :-D Take care, Allanah Xx

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2 drawing Mavis in her Wedding dress

Hi everyone! For this weeks video I am drawing Mavis in her beautiful wedding dress. I recently saw the film and thought Mavis looked so pretty in her wedding dress (In Hotel Transylvania 2 Mavis gets married to Jonathan); so I just had to draw her for you all. I love that Mavis' dress is black and I really liked the little red ruby pendant Mavis wore too. I even got myself a similar necklace to wear in my video above! hehe I really hope you enjoy watching the video ^_^
Incase you missed it I have also drawn Dennis and also another Mavis I will link the videos below...
and here is Dennis...
Thank you for reading my little blog - hope you enjoy the videos! Bye for now Xx

Saturday, 3 October 2015

New Video watch me draw Dennis from Hotel Transylvania 2 :-D

In this weeks video I am drawing Dennis from Hotel Transylvania 2. I really hope you enjoy it! I had so much fun drawing Dennis's bright red curly hair, it's so gorgeous! 
Dennis is Mavis's son in the brand new Sony Pictures Animation Hotel Transylvania 2. He is very cute!
I hope you enjoy this weeks video. Thank you so much for popping by. If you would like to watch me draw Mavis also ; here is the video...

See you all next week :-D thanks for watching Xx